JUNE 9, 2012. 

Pursuant to notice given in common media outlets, the second quarter meeting of the Southern Four Wheel Drive Association was held the 9th day of June 2012, in Tuscumbia, Alabama at the Hawk Pride OHV Park 3834 Hawk Pride Mountain Road, Tuscumbia, AL  35674.

1. President, Gunnar Byrd, called the Second Quarter Meeting to order at 9:36 A.M. Central Time. Gunnar introduced the SFWDA officers that were present.

  • Gunnar Byrd, President
  • Brian Overly, Vice President
  • Wayne Hartford, Director of Membership
  • Dawn Shirley, Recording Secretary
  • Flint Holbrook, Director of Conservation and Land Management, Ray Stanley, Treasurer and David Borum, Director of Legislative Affairs were absent.

Gunnar thanked the Twisted Jeeps Four Wheel Drive Club for hosting the meeting and the breakfast food.

2. Approval of 1st Quarter Minutes.

Dawn Shirley summarized the 1st quarter, March 3, 2012 minutes.  No corrections were suggested.

3. Vice President, Brian Overly

Brian is aggressively trying to help SFWDA grow.  He has visited several clubs during their monthly meeting to encourage them to join Southern 4WD Association.

 4. Treasurer Report

No report was given since Ray Stanley was absent.

5.      Membership Report, Wayne Hartford

Wayne Hartford agreed to accept the position of Director of Membership in February; he and Bob Sullivant are still working on getting him all the information.  Wayne said there were approximately 258 members of SFWDA.

Wayne discussed making a more detailed membership packet to include SFWDA decals, Member Club information, “Where to Ride” and other information.  He intends to send them to the member as soon as possible (not waiting on United Four Wheel Drive Assoc. to send a membership decal to them).

6.      General Business, Gunnar Byrd, President SFWDA

Trail Mix – We still do not have a volunteer editor; however, John Moore from Twisted Jeeps thinks he may know someone who will do it.  John will check with his friend and get back with us soon.

Website – Scott Burchfield is our new webmaster.  Our webpage can only be as good as the information we give it.  Please send any ideas or additions to Scott at scott@scottburchfield.com or (615) 876-1256.

Dixie Run – Chris Knox, Dixie Run Coordinator was not present.   The Dixie Run will be held September 28-30, 2012 at Golden Mountain OHV Park.  The registration is up on the website.  This year’s registration price is “a la carte”; you can choose what to pay for.  Plans are to have a tent at the top selling shirts and raffle tickets to keep the gate from having too much to handle.  Check with Chris if you would like to volunteer at Dixie Run.

7.  OHV News

Tellico – TN

Gunnar stated that the briefs have been filed and we are still waiting on a Judge to hold a hearing in Bryson City, North Carolina.  The meeting was postponed from February 22, 2012 and will be rescheduled for May or June.  It would look good if there were several OHV supporters in the courtroom.

Coalmont Park – TN

The business plan has been filed and is awaiting final approval.  The park is waiting on the release of $800,000 in RTP money.  SFWDA committed to volunteer $100,000.00 hours to help build an OHV park to cover part of the cost share.

Beasley Knob - GA

RTP funds have been applied for.  Georgia Bounty Runners will notify SFWDA when assistance is needed.

Uwharrie – NC 

The Carolina Trail Blazers and North Carolina 4x4 are working with the Forest Service.

Mountain City – TN

The mayor of Mountain City is trying to acquire 8,800 acres of land to add to the 5,000 plus acres of OHV area.

8.  Member 4WD Club News

Scenic City 4WD – Announced an upcoming “Rock Challenge” they will be hosting on October 20, 2012.  Contact Alan Shirley @ 423-593-1134 for more information.

9. Elections of Directors

Director of Public Relations – Upon a motion made by Dean Wilson and seconded by Brian Overly, Alan Shirley was elected to fill the position of Director of Public Relations.

 10. Other Business

            2rd Quarter Meeting – The second quarter meeting will be sponsored by Scenic City 4WD Club and held at the TTC (Trials Training Center) on September 8, 2012 at 9:00 A.M. Central Time.

            No other business was brought before the meeting; a motion was made by Gunnar Byrd and seconded by Brain Overly to adjourn the meeting. The motion carried and the meeting was adjourned at 9:52 A.M. Central Time.


Gunnar Byrd, President SFWDA

Dawn Shirley, Recording Secretary 

June 2012

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