A hearing date certain has been set for SFWDA vs. FS on the Tellico OHV area. A hearing will be held at 2 PM in Courtroom 50 Main Street, Bryson City, NC 28713 before Judge Martin Reidinger. You can view the calendar here http://www.ncwd.uscourts.gov/Calendar/Court.aspx. This is your money at work (your tax dollars supporting the FS and your after tax goodwill contributions to SFWDA, BRC, UFWDA). It is a public process. You are welcome to attend and encouraged to attend. It is fine to wear identifying attire that you are a supporter of off road driving (i.e club logos). Remember, you must be respectful of the Court and the process. You will not be allowed to speak during the proceedings. Just your presence in the court room will be enough. It will give you an opportunity to see our system at work. It is very important that we do not do anything that will reflect badly on our sport. I think it will be a testament to our resolve and perseverance to have as many of us as can participate to be there in person.

It appears the Judge has set aside the entire afternoon for the case. This means he may allow each side an hour to present. The FS and intervenors most likely will share the time allocated. SFWDA will present first, the FS and intervenors will present second, then most likely SFWDA will have a few minutes for rebuttal. Remember only the respective lawyers will present.

Please be reminded that it is very unlikely that a decision will be rendered on August 23rd. You will most likely be disappointed if you attend expecting to hear a decision. The decision will usually take 30 to 90 days. It may be in our best interest that the Judge take his time to consider everything in the case. Also, remember that any decision can be appealed by the opposing side.

Please re-post this information on other 4x4 boards and forums to help spread the word.

I look forward to seeing you on the 23rd in Bryson City, NC.

Thank you for your support.

Flint Holbrook SFWDA Director Land Use and Conservation.

P.S. We also recommend that we all spend a few extra minutes on our knees praying for our legal team, the judge and a favorable outcome for our sport. NCWD Court Calendar www.ncwd.uscourts.gov