JUNE 8, 2013

Pursuant to notice given in common media outlets, the 2013 The Second Quarter Meeting of the Southern Four Wheel Drive Association was held the 8th day of June 2013, in Tuscumbia, Alabama at the Hawk Pride OHV3834 Hawk Pride Mountain Rd., Tuscumbia, Alabama  35674.  Twisted Jeeps hosted the meeting and served breakfast of Breakfast casserole, salsa, fruit and wraps.

1.  President, Gunnar Byrd, called the second quarter meeting to order.  Officers present were:

Gunnar Byrd, President

Brian Overly, Vice President

Ray Stanley, Treasurer

Wayne Hartford, Director of Membership

Roger Theurer, Past President

Alan Shirley, Director of Public Affairs (absent)

Dawn Shirley, Recording Secretary (absent)

Flint Holbrook, Director of Conservation and Land Management (absent)

There were 4 clubs were represented (Twisted Jeeps, STLLA, Rattle Rock and Scenic City4WD.

2.  Secretary, Dawn Shirley Absent

Griff Shirley summarized the minutes from the 1st quarter meeting held on March 2, 2013 at Tracy City, TN. No corrections were suggested.

3.  Director of Membership, Wayne Harford

Wayne wants to set up a competition:  The club with the most new members from this Dixie Run to the next Dixie Run will win T-shirts.  Motion made and carried.

4.  Treasurer, Ray Stanley - Absent

No report was given

5.  Director of Public Relations, Alan Shirley - Absent

No report was given

6.  Conservation & Land Management and OHV News

Coalmont – TN  Slow, should be opening 2014.

Uwharrie – NC  Work has started with the use of the Association’s Dump Truck but the Backhoe still needs work.

7.  General Business


SFWDA has 2 Facebook pages, One is listed “SFWDA” and the other is spelled out “Southern  Four Wheel Drive Association”.  Ask Doc to close the one he set up.  Walter Schaffer will set up a forum and a budget of $2,000 was voted on an approved.  John Plaza will maintain for free.


No change on the Logo now.

Should we remain a part of UFWDA?

Held over to next meeting waiting for a decision on membership fees.

8.  SFWDA Calendar

September 7, 2013 3rd Qtr. Meeting – Hosted by Scenic City 4WD – TTC – Sequatchie, TN

October 27-29, 2013 Dixie Run – Golden Mtn. OHV – Sparta, TN

December 7, 2013 4th Qtr. Meeting – Hosted by Rattlerock – Windrock OHV, Oliver Springs, TN

ATTEST:  Dawn Shirley, Secretary

Gunnar Byrd, President SFWDA

 June 2013