I just had to share this. Here is a great very touching video from Del Albright of Blue Ribbon Coalition speaking about Land Use and the many challenges we all face to preserve trail access with Matson of MetalCloak

If this does not motivate you join forces and get involved......

Land Use Wake-Up Call with Del Albright

  "A conversation between Matson Breakey, Co-Founder of Metalcloak and Del Albright, Land Use Warrior as a Founding Trail Boss of the Friends of the Rubicon, Ambassador for the Blue Ribbon Coalition, and Environmental Affairs for California Association of 4Wheel Drive Clubs. Del has been fighting the fight for decades and has seen it all. But nothing compares to the losses we are faced with today if we don't act now to FIGHT FOR LAND USE!"   - Matson Breakey

To learn about the 7 steps they suggest check out their website.