After the recent visit to Las Vegas to attend SEMA 2014 by SFWDA representatives Ray Stanley and Greg Griffith brought back some useful information and resources for our association to grow with. 

 While there among all the action and exposure Ray took a moment to catch up with Del Albright, Director of Operations, BlueRibbon Coalition. Del mentioned he is hosting a seminar in February about the EPA and water issues and so we wanted to bring some  of his insight on the topic to Southern and our members. Ray asked Del afterwards in follow up of the event.

"What are your perspectives, inputs and potential impacts of the EPA water management requests for comments; and what positions do you see coming from BRC? "

  "Undoubtedly the biggest issue we face right now across many recreation areas – from the Rubicon Trail to your country.  We fixed the problem on the Rubicon by ‘taking charge’ of it and not letting “it” ruin our access.  We had to manage it.  And we had to cooperate with the multitude of agencies who think they have some authority over the Rubicon.  In fact our very first work party on the Rubicon was in 2001 to build 31 rolling water bar/dip, erosion control goodies to keep water off the trail and where it belonged.  14 years later we’re still managing water on that trail." 

 Del continued to say " With water and erosion, educated involvement is the key to success; and making sure your clubs are part of the process, adopting trails, and being part of the solution.  Good signage; educational brochures handed out to trail users; web sites and forums; and volunteers on the trail fixing the problems, are the BEST actions we can take.  Learning about Best Management Practices (or whatever your controlling agency likes to use for terminology) is very important to keeping this controlled and managed.  If they like water bars, offer to build them.  If they sediment traps, offer to build and install them. 

The point is, it’s way too hard to fight it when water is involved or at stake.  Just fix it and manage it. 

I talk a bit about it in my landuse book, which by the way, if Southern would like a bulk deal on my online training course (RLTC), just say the word and we can do a swinging deal for a group of folks who sign up at once. I’ve done it for a few Associations around the country and it seems to work out pretty well.  More info here:

 And if anyone from Southern can make a workshop in CA Feb. 28th weekend, I’ll be doing another Volunteer Leader & Land Stewardship (VLLS) workshop then near Sacramento, CA.  It’s free once you get there. "   Del

 And if you want some Landuse & Volunteerism Books, here’s the link:

You can also contact Del Albright directly at:

Del Albright
Director of Operations, BlueRibbon Coalition 
2014 Inductee, Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame (
Founding Trail Boss, Friends of the Rubicon

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