Dixie Run 28 Updates - Press Release 

Written by Greg Griffith
For immediate release August 30,2014

Update – Golden Mountain Park trails

If you haven’t heard – Golden Mountain Park is not just for rock bouncers and mountain Jeeps anymore.

Oh the same great trails remain there for the big boys to play on. But with the recent acquisition of a new dozer on the property. There is now a great start to an easy and medium trail system. On a recent work day lead by SFWDA VP Brian Overly and a host of volunteers. There are 5 new miles of easy trails developed and there are even more to cut. There has already been scouting for a huge new easy and medium trails system.

So forget what you have heard or read online. If you want to get out and ride with the family or spend some time cruising through the woods. Take the time to see what the great trails of Golden Mountain Park have to offer the whole off road community.

Kids night with Tennessee Off Road          

Kids make sure and tell the folks Friday night is kid’s movie night at the pavilion. John McGee from Tennessee Off Road will be setting up kids movies to watch. Starting at dark he has promised to have some great movies for your entertainment.

So grab your chairs, snacks and juice boxes and get ready to have fun. Depending on weather you might need a blanket!!!

Iron Women Challenge

Last year, Ms. Adrienne Hall Armes hosted the first ever Ladies Ride, at Dixie Run 27. Well, it’s back again this year, due to the overwhelming response; but with a different twist. We will still have the Ladies Ride on Saturday, but there are a few other opportunities for the ladies, as well.

This year, we will also have the Iron Women Challenge. To be eligible for the trophy, you must compete in all three of the following events:


  •  Short rock crawl challenge on Honey Bee trail (Same trail as the other rock race competes).
  •   Remote Control Track Challenge in the RC testing area near the pavilion (You'll have to make friends and borrow someone’s RC truck)


  •   You must participate in the Ladies Ride trail ride .

For more details about Dixie Run 28 and to register online check out our official events page

We look forward to seeing everyone at Dixie Run~!

Let's have fun in the woods