Join Southern and our initiative to promote and conserve access to Off Road trails while we simultaneously enhance trail access at GMP for SFWDA Events by increasing the number of trails that can be tackled by everyday rigs. 

This month on Saturday, August 23 we plan to work together with Southern members and assist the owners of Golden Mountain Park in Sparta, Tn. We will cut in access with saws and winches to several new trails in planning already by the property managers in cooperation with Southerns professional volunteers. If we have a large enough turn out we will also spend some time on the trails and common park areas to clean up trash and debris.  

Brian Overly, Vice President of SFWDA is coordinating this initiative and will ensure that we get the job done on time. We're looking for volunteers to meet up Saturday morning at GMP on August 23rd at 9am to go over the plan and get blazing. There will be no admission fee during this event

We are requesting all volunteers to please call or email our Brian Overly to work out the logistics and get the details of the event in alignment. Brian can be reached at his shop Overly's Off Road M-F 9am-5pm @ 865-995-9800 or email 

For Full details check out the events page: