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 Yesterday, The BlueRibbon Coalition (BRC) filed a complaint against the Federal government to challenge the arbitrary closure of, "Trail 38," a high value single-track motorcycle trail in Wyoming. The BRC Legal Program is representing a local AMA District club and local users in the case.  "Though the trail mileage is small, the stakes are high," said J.R. Riggins, a plaintiff in the suit and Wyoming dirt bike rider.  "The Forest Service apparently thought it could fly under the radar and close this trail without meaningful analysis or public process.  We are calling their bluff," Riggins concluded.

Since 1997, the BRC Legal Program has sprung to action across the nation to challenge arbitrary closures and defend pro-trail agency decisions.   BRC's unmatched investment in legal advocacy for access since 1996 has been $1,721,195.  Many cases involve defense of attacks from anti-access groups.  Some, like Trail 38, are efforts to go "on offense" and establish or restore access opportunities.  BRC Legal has represented plaintiffs or filed cross-claims against the agency in at least 14 cases. 

BRC Legal has appeared in California 15 times, 9 each for Idaho and Utah, 7 in Wyoming, 5 in Montana or on issues of Nationwide importance like Roadless Rule(s), and 3 or less in the remaining states which include Oregon, Alaska, Colorado, Arkansas, Illinois, North Carolina, Kentucky, and Florida.  The methods of access at issue have varied too, with 23 matters involving all forms of wheeled access, 14 focused on over-snow vehicles, 9 covering all motorized access, 5 exclusively 4WD, 3 exclusively ATV, 3 boating or personal watercraft, 3 including equestrian access, and 1 backcountry aviation case.

On multiple occasions BRC Legal has brought jurisdictional challenges to anti-access lawsuits that the Government declined to join, the most notable being in the 2001 SUWA lawsuit where our motion was granted in the district court and eventually became the basis for a 9-0 Supreme Court decision that all but killed a growing "failure to act" litigation strategy.  

BRC Legal cannot do its job without your generous support!  Please consider a donation today as we stand together in our legal effort to challenge unwarranted closures of public roads, trails, and areas.

Watching those battles from the sidelines is not an option.  Our adversaries will pick a path of least resistance, and we need to maintain a legal presence to be reckoned with.

Thanks for your contribution and support!

The BRC Legal Team