SFWDA BOD Members and others participating with on-line meeting:

Ray Stanley, Brian Overly, Doyle Punches, Jon Plaza, Walter Shafer, Lucas Weidner, Jeremy Rose, Greg Griffith, Greg Daughtrey, Chris Knox, Gunnar Byrd

Dixie Run 28 Update

  1. Reviewed Maintenance status of GMP and August 23 Trail Blaze Day

    1. Moderate Trails ready for DR28

  2. Registration numbers as of 08.25.2014 trailing previous years. Concerned with Saturday dinner costs and numbers to date.

  3. Pavilion 5 will be offered to raise money for ALS in memory of Henry Randolph.

  4. Trail Guides and schedule for Moderate and Moderate Advanced in final stages.

  5. Insurance – (Doyle) Follow-up with insurance vendor for DR28

Public Relations Updates

  1. Finalizing plans to announce O’Rielly’s as a SFWDA discount partner

  2. ExtremeTerrain.com added as a discount partner and Business Member

  3. Jon/Walter to follow-up with RebelOffroad.com, Hardlinecrawlers.com and CartoTraks for potential Business Member status and as a new discount partner (Rebel Offroad).

  4. Discussed proposed idea to insert SFWDA logo in the Windrock Park map in lieu of a business membership for 2015

  5. Initiate contacts with 4x4 publications with a proposed 2015 schedule


SFWDA Grant Initiatives

  1. Discussed the decision framework and pace of decisions. Issues included club level involvement and adherence to current by laws.

  2. Background on the current Educational Grant.

  3. Greg Griffith and Greg Daughtrey to assist in developing a Legacy Council to work with the SFWDA Leadership and BOD to share history and perspective.

  4. Jeremy Rose to initiate the development of the Leadership Council directory of key contacts by club. This will allow the BOD to directly interact and exchange ideas with club level leaders as proposed in the current Membership concepts.


2014 Calendar

SFWDA Calendar events for balance of year:

September 5-7, 2014 Pickens County Jeepfest, Jasper, GA

Crawl for the Kids

September 13, 2014 CTB 43rd Fun Caravan, Eldorado, NC

September 25-28, 2014 Dixie Run 28, Golden Mountain Park, Sparta, TN

October 18, 2014 UORTC Fall Jamboree, Eldorado, NC

November 1, 2014 SFWDA Trials Training Center Meet and Ride,

Sequatchie, TN

November 1-7, 2014 – Tread Lightly Annual Meeting and SEMA 2014

December 6, 2014 SFWDA Annual Meeting and Leadership Council,

Oak Ridge, TN


SFWDA Membership 2015

SFWDA BOD welcomed the addition of Jeremy Rose, ET4WD and Lucas Weidner, Southern Jeeps to jointly share the duties as interim Membership Directors. Jeremy will be a great asset going forward as we further improve our communications at the club level. Lucas will assist with a strong technical background as we develop a sustainable membership management system. Thanks guys!

Topics Not Discussed Due to Time Constraints:

  1. SFWDA Membership 2015

    1. Technical Feedback and Design Issues

    2. Rolling Calendar Basis

  2. SFWDA 2015 Calendar

  3. FOU and Coalmont Update

  4. Equipment Asset Assessment, Status

  5. SFWDA 2015 By-Law Revisions


Meeting Schedule

September 2, 2014 – Technical design issues with Membership Concept (Weidner, Shafer, Rose, Overly)

September 22, 2014 – On Line BOD Meeting

  1. Dixie Run 28 Updates

  2. SFWDA Membership 2015

  3. SFWDA 2015 Calendar

October 20, 2014 – On Line BOD Meeting

  1. Preliminary Dixie Run 28 Review, Results

  2. Finalize SFWDA Membership 2015

  3. SFWDA 2015 Calendar

November, 2014 – On Line BOD Meeting TBD

December 6, 2014 – SFWDA Leadership and Annual Meeting, Oak Ridge, TN