As many of you already know, the Uwharrie OHV trail system is in danger of extinction if not drastic reworking!

Continued disregard for USFS rules and regulations coupled with a lack of education has combined with many new archaeological discoveries to put the OHV trail system in a tight spot!

While the Uwharrie district, under Ranger Walker’s leadership, is committed to working with OHV enthusiasts to find a solution that will allow the trails to remain open, several serious problems will need to be addressed if the trail system is to remain open!

  • The Uwharries are one of the oldest mountain ranges in North America ( and as such have many historic archaeological sites that must be preserved.
  • Damage to these sites from proximity to OHV trails and from illegal spider trails and bypasses has already caused the closure of several sections of the trail system. Continued damage, if not arrested, could even result in system wide closure!

What can we, as 4wd enthusiasts, do to ensure that this system will be available for future generations to enjoy?

1.    It appears that the only way to preserve some of the sensitive archaeological sites in nearest proximity to trails is to line both sides of the section with guardrail. While this might not be the best solution aesthetically, it may be the only solution for now. Attend one of the 2015 off season Forest Service workdays and help accomplish this goal. These will be held January 20, February 21 and March 21 2015. Meet at the Hunt Camp at 9 a.m. each workday.

2.   Do your best to stay on designated, marked trails. Avoid bypassing trail blockages or taking illegal spider trails. Help educate others on the necessity of following Forest Service rules and regulations while on the OHV trails!

 3.  The Forest Service is in the process of forming a new “Plan” for managing outdoor recreation in our national forests. Take an active role in this process by attending one of the upcoming planning meetings. Details can be found on or on the Friends Of Uwharrie facebook page,, or website,