While these photos are now almost a month old we need to continue to follow through and be sure to not let this go without protest. Call the USFS Winchester Office, ask for the acting forest supervisor Bill Lorenz and let them know this action will not be tolerated. 859-745-3100.

A little more background on the subject. 
On Nov. 15th our very own Jeff Dozier of behalf of Freinds of Boone posted an update we all need to consider, to share, and to take action against. 

Our SFWDA Representative of the Daniel Boone national Forest region; Jeffrey Dozier commented by saying;  "We are very sad and outraged to report that this past June, the United States Forest Service took malicious actions to stop the momentum of the counties in getting Sand Lick Rd. CR 1057 and Sterling Rd. back. They authorized a track hoe to further destroy the entire length of goat hill from top to bottom, they left tank traps 15' tall, pulled soils from the cliff side down the slopes and pulled hundreds of trees over the counties' road. They created land slides, erosion disasters, massive wild fire hazards, isolated oil well heads, leaving no access to service these dangers. The USFS maliciously destroyed more land they are paid to protect with tax payer dollars." 

 "The FS is unshaken by any tactic we've tried. This lower portion of sand lick rd. was a natural corridor to the top of the ridge and whites branch arch for eons. In one week the FS has destroyed it for the second time in a way that is hard to describe. They literally pulled the road from the cliff side to the slopes. The county tried to get justification and the FS claims they are acting under the ordinal 2006 action that destroyed the sand lick rd initially. I cannot believe the FS's action. In fact they are threatening to come out with an EIS to rationalize closing all the roads in the sand lick area, completely disregarding the documented county roads existent. I'm unsure of the future but it's ominous. It seems they'll stop at nothing to keep multiple use recreation out of sand lick." 

As more of the tangled web has been discovered, we now know the USFS district ranger Dave Manner, who is responsible for the 2006 destruction of the narrows (Sand Lick Rd. And Sterling Rd.) and the additional destruction this past June, is retiring as of December 31 2014.

Please call him and protest his destruction of county roads as well. Have everyone you know call.

Dave Manner
Cumberland Ranger District

Now, if your on the fence about whether r not to actually pick up the phone and make a call here are a few things to consider. 

It has been asked, "what good is calling the forest supervisor?". (Bill Lorenz 859-745-3100)

  • 1. The county wants a public outcry. Your call counts!
  • 2. There will be a new district ranger, this is an opportunity to let them know the new decision maker needs to honor the counties' roads and cease destruction of public land as well as demand repairs.
  • 3. When the USFS initially damaged these roads in 2006, they did so with zero public comment and no approval from the counties. This is a chance to make your voice heard, it is much needed!

-Be polite and respectful, most USFS employees are good people who aren't responsible for the damages.

Call at your convenience but please take the action of calling, this is important!