First off, I want to say how thankful we are for all the effort from Image Off Road Photography. Christy Mote and Thomas Boyd have demonstrated tremendous effort at our  most recent SFWDA events.  Our core mission is Conservation * Education * Recreation. Recreation is the payoff and the reason why we all work so hard to maintain the right to access trails and why we work so hard to maintain our OHV trails. Often when out wheeling it's hard to get good pictures and rarely can you even get a good selfie while on the trail. Photographs help us to keep those memories forever, which is something that often run astray as we age. Well, Image Off Road Photography (IORP) has done it once again. Go ahead right now and check out the 3 whole albums she uploaded for us to peruse. Then be sure and order a few photos, a collage, or maybe even a wall print from her directly online. Christy and her team do this all without compensation from us, so please show your appreciation for their talent, time and effort and buy some images. You won't regret it and then you also wont forget it. ) 

You can purchase directly from this link, including digital downloads. Enjoy!

Album 1…/Dixie-Ru…/i-xHbHgXt

Album 2

Album 3