Your donations will not only help the tell this true yet unknown story but 50% of the net proceeds will also be returned to the 6 select Non-Profits Groups. 


 SFWDAis excited to announce an exciting partnership which will serve to provide all of our members a substantial benefit. We are now a proud recipient to the success of a not for profit organization producing a television mini series. Funds will be raised and in the end dividends will be split among 6 promoting organizations.   

 The overall goal of American Bantam Jeep is to raise $1,200,000 in 30 days to produce a historically accurate television mini series which brings to light the little know truth behind the birth of an extremely popular modern day vehicle which helped to win World War II.

 The budget is $780,000 to $2,650,000, contingent upon additional casting considerations, network advances and corporate sponsorship.  It must be made clear that our goal of a quality, international rendition of the story can be produced for the Indiegogo budget alone of $1,200,000 with pre-production commencing the last week in April 2015. 

Donors can receive a variety of perks and rewards like TV Series Branded Shirts, Jackets, Scripts, Posters and DVD’s, but the best prize is a chance to win a restored 1946 Willy’s CJ-2A, a 2015 Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited ”Built”, and the top Perk is a 1940 BRC Pilot Prototype Replica hand built by Duncan Rolls and his team.  

All 3 of these Jeeps will be randomly given away as perks for our top donors. 

All 3 of these Jeeps will be randomly given away as perks for our top donors. 

50% of the net revenue will be donated in grants back to several leading national off-road stewardship associations and respected military veteran organizations as well. With your help, SFWDA stands to gain a substantial monetary grant. Donate to this incredible project now and help us continue our core mission, Conservation, Education, Recreation. 

Since MC2, Inc., the production principal, is a 501(c) (3) not-for-profit, up to 50% of all Indiegogo donations are tax deductible.

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