I must say personally that after riding at the Sand Mines many times in the past I've never once seen it anything like it was today. The melting snow has saturated all the top soil quite a bit and even left us with a couple frozen water crossings. In case you may be wondering this is a retired mining operation and so the frozen pond which was so amazing to play around in was just a dead water reservoir. 

 Thank you to everyone who came out and enjoyed this first "Meet & Ride" of 2015. The scenery was amazing today; clear sunny skies and a great turnout of about 50 rigs of many varieties tackled the mountain from various angles. As mentioned before terrain was an added challenge this trip and one which created many rare elements of both unique beauty from the winter weather and technical driving challenges for the drivers. For more photos and video check out our Facebook page....https://www.facebook.com/groups/SFWDA/