All I can say is, "It's About Time"
If you're like most from the South, winter time can be a hoot. Snow wheeling, snow men, snow cream and snow. Just snow... can be had. However, at some point most of us realize that maybe a change of pace would be nice. Possibly some temperatures above 32°. Maybe less ice or one day without having to constantly check the woodstove every few hours. I know where I am, when it hit -6° with a wind chill of -30° I was ready for that change. The hills can be wonderful but they can also be a real bear.

Last month I spoke about getting those projects finished so you can hang with the cool kids on the trail this spring. Southern has been posting tons of info on their website and Facebook page about local rides in your area where you can participate. Also, don't forget that Trailfest is still coming up in May. We're about a week into April so that gives you roughly three weeks to get ready. I know I'll be there along with other leadership members that you will have a chance to talk to. Let them know exactly how you feel about the new look and direction. We always welcome feedback and an opportunity to meet some of the great members we have. We hope to see you there!

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