Man what a great weekend. Great weather and great people came out to AOP by the hundreds to set a record breaking attendance for this
11th annual SFWDA Trailfest Event. 

Trailfest 2015 is a 3 day off road festival organized by the Southern Four Wheel Drive Association. Organized trail rides, a huge raffle, dirt track racing, camping, and much more! Trailfest 2015 was a great event and has been getting bigger every year. Thanks to Nick from for putting this video together for us all. 

 Proceeds from this weekends event go back to supporting our local community OHV parks, clubs, groups, and other OHV organizations on the national front.  We also use funds from our annual operating budget to facilitate our grant program. If you are not yet aware please look into how your local club or group may be able to organize a project together.  We will also be continuing our education video series with new topics in development now. Education for all OHV enthusiasts is our goal. The success of these events allow us to extend our reach further into the local Southern OHV communities and so we sincerely thank for all your support. Many good things are happening within SFWDA. For applications and to learn more about our Grant Program; check out our Grant Program Webpage

This new initiative by your association has been established for the benefit of its members and their OHV areas, both public and private.   The SFWDA Grant initiative is our largest annual project committing a significant portion of the association net income to this program.  The SFWDA Grant initiative supports the membership and regional projects focused on our core missions – Conservation, Education and Recreation. 

Upcoming Events

 Now if you enjoyed this weekend then be sure to check out the Events Calendar for upcoming SFWDA events;

Up next is our Summer Meet & Ride at Beasley Knob OHV Park on Saturday, June 6th. The only fee for this event is the $5 land use that goes directly to the Forest Service when you arrive. Everyone is welcome to attend, members or not. Stay tuned in for more details to come.  

Mark on your calendars now Dixie Run 29. September 24-27th, 2015 at Golden Mountain Park in Sparta, TN. 

For more info and to learn how to join