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   So half the year is almost over and where has it gone? Just the other day I remember cranking out news about the freezing temperatures and now I can hardly go outside because of the heat. Already we've had lots of great opportunities to get together and ride regardless of the weather. I feel I'm beating a dead horse about Trailfest but it really was a great event. Did you fill out that survey by the way? There's also been a few successful Meet & Ride's as well. One recent planned for Beasley Knob had to be rescheduled due to rain and the impact on their trails but we made the most of Jay Bird's Stone Mill property for all those who attended. 

So you didn't make it you say. No big deal. The good news is we have other rides in store for you and your friends. How about the upcoming Dixie Run at Golden Mountain (Sept 24-27) in Sparta, TN? That place is great and I wasn't even paid to say that. Register now so you have no excuses not to get your rig running and ready!