Southern Four Wheel Drive
July 2015 Newsletter


Ah, July. It Smells Like...

  From a young age we're taught a great many things about our holidays. Everything from their meaning, to when they occur and what to do when the day finally arrives. Some come with great respect and some with symbolic gifts which are tied to history. July the 4th is a gift that our forefathers gave us. It's the final statement chiseled into stone (metaphorically) to let England know we're tired of your tea, biscuits and oppression. We'd rather enjoy a good Millers beer, a hamburger and the right to do things how we see fit.

This year we did our usual routine. Ribs, family, friends and a few boxes filled with boom. It's quite the spectacle if I do say so myself. Some of our members took time to hit the trails and make a statement. "No sir, I do not want anything to do with your asphalt. I shall forge ahead on the path less taken. Take that England!"

If you weren't able to get out there this time maybe you've got something planned for later on. May I suggest Dixie Run this September 24th - 27th? And you thought I wasn't going to mention it didn't you? Well, if that long drawn out project isn't going to have you back by then consider a Meet & Ride later on in either October or November. The heat will be gone and you can enjoy those changing leaves. Regardless, we want to see you out there enjoying yourself with your friends and family. Take a stand against those oppression's in your life. Tell the boss to shove it then later on apologize and take her out to dinner. FREEDOM!!!!! 

 For more on Dixie Run and to see some great videos check out the message board or Facebook Group page!

written by Nick McCracken, North Carolina

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