A big thanks goes out to the new members and businesses who have signed on recently with Southern Four Wheel Drive. We appreciate your commitment to the community and to Southern.

First up is Central North Carolina 4x4 or CNC4x4 as they become a renewing member with the Southern Four Wheel Drive Association. We all look forward to seeing you all on the trails and this journey we are all on to preserve this sport and the riding opportunities for both today and tomorrow. Thanks to all the CNC4x4 members for the support. 

This month we have also many new individual members who will be joining us at Dixie Run for the first time along with two new supporting business members. PSC Motorsports, and APOC Industries have both joined Southern this past month for the first time. We're proud to have these brands join forces on our mission of conservation, education, and recreation. 

Don't forget when you do business with these fine businesses to tell them you are a Southern member to receive your discount! Check us out online to learn more about all of our business partners.