We're pleased to announce the "S.R.B." band will be appearing live at Dixie Run 29. 

Join us on Friday 6-9 pm at the main pavilion inside of Golden Mountain Park, TN on September 25, 2015 for a free live concert. SFWDA is sponsoring this event and we would like to invite all your friends, and family up to the main pavilion for some dinner from a variety of great food vendors selling everything from hamburgers and dog's to brick oven pizza's and funnel cakes all while we all soak in some fresh air and listen to some great live music. 

  And here's a little more about the band. S.R.B. is great entertainment for all ages! Scott Freels ( Professional Lead singer, Bassist & Song Writer ) and Barry Freels ( Lead guitar and professional blue grass player) have played for 20+ years around the Southeast. They joined with Randy Ruffner ( Rhythm guitar roots in country and gospel) and Sam Teddar (Drummer who is also a singer, song writer and guitar player) to form S.R.B. several years ago to play the music they love best,  soulful music in country and classic rock.

They have played around the Tennessee area to including many four wheeling events like, The S.R.R.S. series, Tennessee Mountain Junkies Rally at the Rock, Ford truck shows in Townsend,  and classic Bronco events. They also have played many other car shows and events across the state. They are looking forward to a return to Golden Mountain Park which they had played in years past during the hay day of the Golden Mountain Dirt track!