We will be mailing out registration packets on Monday to all those who have pre-registered through this weekend, April 10th. This will speed up the check in line at the gate and get you onto the trails and into the events faster than ever before. So don't hesitate, elevate, and get your tickets now! Then when your package arrives post and share your event sticker registration number proudly displayed on the rig you'll be tackling the trails in. Let's see who has the lucky first 10, 50, and 100 registrations.  

Each order that has been placed online will be shipped directly to the address you provided during online checkout-out and will include everything you need to get you through the gate more efficiently. 

Registration & Tech Inspection Schedule

 All OHV's must pass a basic Safety Tech Inspection  

Required - Safety Belts, Fire Extinguisher, First Aid kit, Secure Battery

Optional - Cooler, Winch, Recovery Equipment, Body Anchor Points, CB Radio, Body Armor, Trail Map or GPS, etc. 

  • Thursday   4 PM - 8 PM  ( 9 AM - 8 PM Vendor Only Check In & Setup)  
  • Friday        7 AM - 8 PM
  • Saturday   7:30 AM - 11 :30 AM

For more details.... http://www.sfwda.org/tf15-event-schedule/