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   This continuing series of videos discuss some of the most common and useful best practices of traveling off road and managing a variety of obstacles that you may be confronted with. Stay tuned for all 5 new titles in Season 2 featuring topics like " What to carry on a 1 day trail ride", safe operation of a High Lift jack and a Winch as well as How to avoid getting stuck and in an emergency "How to get unstuck". We will be releasing these videos monthly throughout the year until all videos new videos are published. 
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We will cover some basic tips and techniques to get your vehicle stuck when you go off road. Snow, Mud, and Sand can create challenging traction scenarios and we suggest a few ways to increase your traction. Also, ground clearance can hinder you unless you know how to approach the obstacle and choose the right line. Many of these techniques are universal in concept and can improve your driving ability on every level of difficulty.