"Vendor Sponsored Trail Ride"
I promised more details on Prizes for this exclusive Premium Members Vendor Sponsored Trail Ride and here they are.....

1. Set of BF Goodrich KO2 A/T Tires up to 37"
2. Warn Zeon 8,000 lb Synthetic rope winch combo kit
2. Medium Duty Accessory bag (2)
4. Premium Hooks (5)
5. Rancho Custom Goodie Bags
6. Clemson 4WD custom Vendor Ride shirts for each selected participant
7. Grilled Dinner Friday evening at the BFG Tractor Trailer cooked by the these sponsors for each selected participant
8. An Unforgettable Great time with photos and video to cherish

All prizes will be awarded at Dixie Run 30. 

Their will also be some product demos from our sponsors on the trail.

free bonus vendor ride shirts

  First off thank you again to all of our Sponsors on this ride. Remember to support these top brands to shout your alliance with each considering their amazing support for our entire associations core mission. This ride was their idea and they wanted us all to know they fully support us and our goals. While they can't take everyone on a ride (at least this time) they figured this would be a great way to illustrate it. Now, who can argue with that?


( #BFGoodrich #BFGPlay #Areyoudriverenough #Warn #Clemson4WD #Rancho #DixieRun30 & #SFWDA)

The ride is scheduled on Friday, September 23, between 1-5 PM. These 4 top sponsors believe in our core mission and strive to support our goals. 

This is a very special opportunity you definitely want to try and be a part of. 

So, now here's how you qualify:

  1. Must be an active SFWDA Premium Member (You can still register & upgrade online for that) 

  2. You must submit a recent photo image of your 4x4 trail rig that you would like to drive on this trail ride directly to our SFWDA Facebook group page and tag each of our sponsors in the post. 
    ( #BFGoodrich #BFGPlay #Areyoudriverenough #Warn #Clemson4WD #Rancho #DixieRun30 & #SFWDA) 

  3. Share your posting in as many groups and as many pages as you can to generate the most likes and shares possible. This plays a very large factor in being selected. 

The representatives from our vendor sponsors will ultimately be selecting the group of 20 lucky  winners. The competition begins now and will end September 20th with winners announced immediately thereafter. 

Huge thanks to our sponsors and all of our members.