Here's a list of just some of the fun in store at this years TrailFest 2017

All new Trailfest 2017 Shirt Design

  • Expanded New trails inside of AOP.
  • Expanded Guided Trail & Excursion rides with new destinations and an expanded schedule. 
  • New & Enhanced Education Seminars & Demos will be back on a limited availability.
  • Exclusive Early Registrant prizes will be awarded separate of all other raffle prizes to one of only the advanced event registrants. (No additional purchase necessary) 
  • Test your Skills on the new Expanded Obstacle Course / Dirt Track with added Technical Obstacles creating a more challenging opportunity still manageable for all vehicles.
  • Timed Uphill Multi-Class Challenge ( Southern Shootout) will be back again bigger and better. Everyone can have a shot against the clock up the hill. Bring what you got and compete among your equal level rig to win the trophy. 
  • Expedient Raffle Awards (buckets) with more amazing prizes from Top brands and Sponsors.
  • More Food Vendors, including more options, more efficient. 
  • More details are in development, but it's planned to be the biggest and best ever TrailFest event. 

Registration Coming Soon......