If you can't join us in Oak Ridge for our Annual Meeting then you can watch online in your own home easier than ever before!

  Over the past few years, technology has evolved considerably and so has our outreach within the Association's membership. In the past, we managed a live audio and video feed available to anyone through a program by Citrix called GoToWebinar. While this still works and is widely used in business we wanted to provide more to our members.

  With Social Media options more diverse than ever we carefully considered which channel outlet to best connect with our members. According to all our reports, Facebook is one place where almost all of our audience frequents.  Now, for the first time, we have decided to go LIVE on Facebook to broadcast our meeting. We hope to make getting involved more accessible for everyone. 

  Please visit our Facebook Page or our website on Saturday morning. From 8AM - 12 PM EST Noon, you will be able to listen and watch our meeting LIVE from the conference room at the DoubleTree Hotel & Resort in Oak Ridge, TN.  https://www.facebook.com/SFWDA.org/

Live Stream begins at 8 AM Saturday Morning 

Live Stream begins at 8 AM Saturday Morning