We are very pleased to announce that our newest 4x4 club to join SFWDA for the very first time is Rock Corps 4x4 out of Marion, NC. We are in our 6th year since we formed. They started out with six guys, just looking for somewhere local to wheel.

 According to club members they are a group diverse in occupations who have a leased piece of property they have developed for the enjoyment of four wheeling.  The place we found is in Marion NC. They call it, The Flats. The Flats is 68 acres of leased land in which we have worked and worked to develop trails. 

"We have raised literally 10's of thousands of dollars now as a club. Our list of beneficiaries continues to grow from the variety of events held at the Flats OHV park and managed by Rock Corps 4x4. So, when you see a Rock Corps 4X4 logo on a rig, or on someone shirt or hoodie, know that these guys and gals, are much more than just wheeling folks, they are givers of their time, their resources, and their hearts. We look forward to being a part of SFWDA, and SFWDA being a part of us!""   Chip Price - (Rock Corps 4x4)

Let's be sure to support these folks as new members within SFWDA. Check out more about them on their new web page;  http://www.sfwda.org/rc4x4/