Before you head out to Dixie Run 28, take a moment and use your WIFI at home to download a brand new map of the park just released by Jake White of CartoTracks. Trust me this is well worth it. It only takes two simple steps. First, there is a simple App you need; a free download on your Apple & Andriod phones. Second, you can download and plug in a variety of these great new interactive PDF maps for your smart phone. Not only is GMP included but the App features a wide variety of highly detailed topographic maps to play around with.

 What makes this combination so exciting is that you can actually use your phones GPS without relying on cell coverage so you can navigate deep in the woods, and always know your exact coordinates on any trail. Did I mention that it overlays with this most recent color coded revision of the Golden Mountain Map which is the most up to date Golden Mountain Park park map yet. That's right, as you cruise through your favorite GMP trails at Dixie Run this year you can see your tracks and location directly on the actual topo map of GMP in full color. 

Here are the links you need to get started; 

Free app:

Our map store to download the GMP map: