When we chose Rush Order Tees to print our event shirts this year we had no idea they would also be including us into a design contest.

To our surprise when I received a phone call that we had just won their latest Shirt Design Contest I was pleasantly shocked. Now in all fairness this is not the first time we've ordered from this vendor, and it certainly won't be the last. We find that their quality, timelessness, and attention to detail are all hard to beat. Then when you evaluate costs it's hard to believe you can actually get TOP quality production and still stay on budget. Anyhow, their Staff apparently used a filter reducing sorting process through thousands of designs until they have a unanimous winner, and this week our Trailfest 2016 Shirt design was chosen. We hope that everyone else loves this shirt and it's design just as much. You can pick one up at the event in just a few weeks now and priced to start at just $15. 

 I also really wanted to share some of the comments on the design as posted on their forum. If you're a designer, or creative type you might really appreciate it. 


"  Three days of camping, live music, and thrilling off-road trail riding sounds like one heck of a way to spend a weekend, and it’s just what the Southern Four Wheel Drive Association members will be doing from April 20 to May 1 at Trailfest 2016. When you picture the experience of four-wheel drive trail riding, you probably picture jeeps thrashing through mud. SFWDA’s design made us feel like we were doing just that. We saw no choice but to choose this impressive design, created by Haris Safari, for our Customer Design of the Week.

Aside from being one of the coolest organizations we’ve come across and organizing one of the most fun-sounding events we’ve encountered, their design is dynamic and awesome, too. If the very idea of whipping through the muddy, rocky woods for three days doesn’t get your adrenaline pumping, SFWDA’s design surely will. It may just have you looking up ways you can experience your own off-road excursion. "  
Rush Order Tees

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